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Food Defence Plan

In the Food Defence plan, using the identified risks from the TACCP analysis, it is determined which measures can be taken to safeguard the risks. Locations where your organisation runs an increased risk will be the starting points of the Food Defence plan.

  • We are committed to a first-class and flexible approach.
  • We determine the risks and draw up a thorough plan together with you.

Objective look

In the Food Defence plan, the possible measures will be recorded, after which they can be implemented and executed. Possible measures to safeguard the risks are:

  • Placing fences to prevent unauthorised access to the site
  • Training your staff to raise awareness and knowledge
  • Starting up a visitor protocol

Because we, as independent experts, draw up this Food Defence plan, there will be no question of ‘business blindness’. Through a clear view, interviews and thorough site visits we arrive at a practical and workable plan. This Food Defence plan provides a clear picture of possible risk points in your company.

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