Food defence plan

Food defence plan

Needles in sandwiches at an airline catering company. Adding toxic substances to packaged drinks or food products. These are examples of how malicious people can use your products to spread fear. We are happy to help you prevent this by drawing up a good food defence plan.

Food defence plan – a summary

  • We protect your business against deliberate food contamination
  • By means of a TACCP inventory, we map out the risk areas
  • Based on this, you can take measures and draw up a preventive business continuity plan

If you want to protect your business from deliberate food contamination or other malicious actions, you must realise where the threat is coming from. Where food fraud is motivated by economic gain, the motivation in this case is intentional harm. We will help you with a thorough TACCP inventory to determine any risk areas in the company.

Quality standards for Food defence

Threat Analysis Critical Control Points (TACCP) and Food defence originated in the United States. After the attacks in 2001, the Food and Drug Authority has drawn up requirements for food defence. The European market has responded to this. This has resulted in the mention of Food defence in various quality standards, such as BRC, IFS and ISO 22000. Have you carried out a TACCP inventory and implemented a Food defence plan and are you still in a situation where you are a victim of Food defence? Then it is important that the company can continue.

We help you protect your business against deliberate food contamination

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Taking measures in your production facility

Food defence focuses specifically on the security of our own production facility. With a Threat Analysis (TACCP) you can prevent situations in which something is deliberately done to products. Various quality standards currently include requirements with regard to performing a thorough Threat Analysis (TACCP). In a TACCP inventory, we assess where possible risks are present at the production facility. We then include the defined risks in a food defence plan.

Following a TACCP inventory, you can take various measures, such as strengthening the security of the building and setting strict rules for taking personal belongings into production environments.

E-learning Food defence

Would you like to be able to recognise unsafe situations and learn how to deal with them? Then complete the E-learning Food defence. It explains what food defence is, which guidelines must be paid attention to and how to act in the event of incidents and/or calamities.