Drinking water (in accordance with WAC/V/A/005)

For both medium-risk and high-risk establishments, water samples must be taken from your installation every year in order to check whether it is free of Legionella. Only a laboratory accredited for this purpose may examine whether the samples are contaminated with the legionella bacteria and, if so, which type of Legionella is involved.

Taking samples for the prevention of Legionella

The following figures are used as a basis for the mandatory legionella samples to be taken. This may vary depending on the risk analysis.

Totaal aantal tappunten in uw leiding Aantal te onderzoeken tappunten
Tot en met 50 2
51 – 100 4
101 – 200 6
201 – 400 8
401 – 800 10
801 – 1600 12
Meer dan 1600 14

Drinking water (in accordance with WAC/V/A/005) in short

  • Annual inspection of the water installation
  • Legionella prevention

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Are other microorganisms in your water supply system potentially causing problems?

This analysis is recommended whenever there is any doubt about the water quality in your installation. For example, it may transpire during a legionella analysis that there is an excess of other types of microorganisms. This excess can become so severe that the presence of legionella cannot be established. Measuring which microorganisms these are means that you are able to deal with them and ensure that your installation is cleaned one more time.
The following microbiological parameters are used for this:

  • Colony-forming unit value at 22 degrees Celsius (thresholsupport)
  • d value <100 cfu/ml)
  • Colony-forming unit value at 36 degrees Celsius (limit value <10 cfu/ml)
  • Bacteria from the coli group and E-coli (<cfu/100 ml)
  • Faecal enterococci (<cfu/100 ml)

Support with drinking water analysis (in accordance with WAC / V / A / 005)

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Accredited laboratory

All microbiological analyses need to be carried out in a reliable manner. That is why we are ISO17025 accredited (080-TEst BELAC). We also have several other endorsements.  Read more on this here.

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