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Your work within the quality department can sometimes seem chaotic. Actions arise from all kinds of differing perspectives. The trick is to compile all the required actions in a well-organised way and to allocate them to the right people within the organisation. We will help you with that, with a single comprehensive action list.

  • Create more clarity and improve quality assurance
  • Effectively handle any actions in line with BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 requirements
  • Make quality a shared responsibility

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Why have an online action list?

  • Maintain an overview

    As a quality manager, you always want to maintain a clear overview of any actions relating to quality throughout the entire organisation. The online action list offers an excellent solution for this. Get rid of those separate action lists and scattered paperwork.

  • Comply with BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 with PDCA

    A clear action plan with root cause analysis and corrective and preventive measures is an important part of GFSI approved certificates. The online action list has been drawn up according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) principle, so that you can easily meet the requirements of these certificates.

  • Improve quality assurance together

    A good quality assurance can only be achieved if everyone contributes to it. By assigning responsibility for actions to employees throughout the organisation, you work together to improve quality assurance. This work method also motivates employees to come up with improvements.

A single comprehensive action list

The clear online action list can be used in various ways. Are you also working with the Inspections and/or Registration modules? Then any actions resulting from completed inspections and registrations are automatically included in the action list. Yet even if you are not working with these modules, you will still benefit greatly from using the action list. This allows you to create separate actions that you can categorise. Actions resulting from reports and memos will automatically be included in the action list. So you will never again have to deal with separate actions that ‘drift about’ in various documents and lists.


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