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Are you already carrying out virtual inspections? Automate all your inspections and audits with virtual inspections. This will save you up to 60% of your time. Planning, carrying out and following up virtual inspections can be achieved easily and efficiently with a tablet or smartphone and our inspection software.

  • Save up to 60% in time
  • Gain more insight
  • Improve quality assurance

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Why do virtual inspections?

  • Work more efficiently

    Your report, including photos, is ready immediately and statistics are updated in real time. A more efficient way of working saves time for things that really matter, such as implementing improvements and coaching employees on the work floor.

  • Gain more insight

    With real-time statistics, you gain a much clearer insight into the areas for improvement within your company. This insight is translated directly into concrete actions for improvements that enhance quality assurance.

  • More widespread support for quality assurance

    Action points are available online and can be issued directly to employees within your organisation. This way, you create employee engagement and ensure that you really do work together to achieve optimum product quality.

For all types of inspections

Quality management systems such as BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 require you to conduct several sorts of inspection rounds. In addition to production inspections, a lot of companies also conduct glass and hard plastic inspections, cleaning inspections and food defence checks. With our inspection software, you can create an unlimited number of inspection lists yourself and walk through inspection rounds with the help of a tablet or a smartphone.

App for inspections

By using the free inspection app, you can perform inspections quickly and easily. You can make use of the following options:

  • Offline, can be done this way so that you are able to conduct virtual inspections anytime, anywhere
  • Instantly add photos and areas for improvement
  • Afterwards, the report is immediately ready in the style of your choice.
  • Dictaphone feature to record areas for improvement
  • Objective inspections with information for each question

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50% time saving for Aviko B.V.

Aviko B.V. has multiple production locations within Europe that are all certified according to the same food safety standards and auditing standards of customers. There was a need for a digital system to which all locations could be connected and which would promote standardisation and a uniform method for carrying out internal hygiene inspections and system audits.


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