Non-food FMCG Research

Non-food FMCG Research

Not only foods can be tested at Normec Foodcare. Non-food products such as cleaning products, personal care products and animal-related products can also be subjected to an investigation to find out what the consumer thinks of the quality.

Non-food FMCG-onderzoek in het kort

  • We are committed to a first-class and qualitative approach.
  • Because of many years of experience, tests are performed at a high level.

Daily practice

Non-food products are generally not tested in our ‘Smaakhuis’. These are products that cannot be easily reduced to a taste test. Consider, for example, a shampoo that the respondent must use in the shower or an all-purpose cleaner that can best be tested as part of a cleaning routine. Instead of in the ‘Smaakhuis’, these products are therefore tested in-home, by consumers at home. The respondent can use the product at a time and in a way that he or she is accustomed to. This gives you a good idea of ​​how the consumer experiences the product when it is used in daily practice.

Get started with the product at home

We work with a test panel consisting of respondents from all over the Netherlands. Our panel consists of people with different backgrounds, so that it is possible to select people on the characteristics you specify. The people who fall within your target group are initially invited to ask whether they are willing and have time to cooperate with an investigation. This briefly states what kind of research this involves. After confirmation, the respondents receive the product at home and can test and evaluate the product. The respondents from our panel can participate several times a year and are therefore familiar with in-home research.

In-home testing of foods

The in-home studies are not exclusively for non-food products. It is also possible to have food tested in-home. For more information, please contact us.

We help you test your non-food product

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