Setting up a quality system

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Setting up a quality system

Do you want to guarantee quality within your company in the food sector? There are many different food safety systems and quality management systems. There are suitable systems for virtually every industry and company. We can help you choose the right quality system and help you to set up a quality system. This is very useful, because every industry has different food safety risks.

Almost all customers of your company in the food sector will require you to comply with a quality system. If your company is certified for a quality system, you can show that you have implemented the rules and requirements of the chosen quality system. This is necessary to comply with legislation and regulations. In addition, it demonstrates to the NVWA (Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority) and customers that your company is well organised. That allows you to produce food efficiently and safely.

The difference between a food safety system and a quality management system

There are two types of quality systems: a food safety system and a quality management system. They are very similar, but there are some differences. For example, a food safety system contains requirements from legislation and the food code. The system focuses on describing processes and mapping food safety hazards. The system also contains the control of potential hazards. With the help of this system, your company can produce safely.

A quality management system is an extension of a food safety system. The system includes subjects such as management involvement and communication. These subjects are laid down in procedures and work instructions. When your company pays attention to these subjects, you will work a lot more effectively and efficiently.

Setting up a quality system – a summary

  • You are dealing with food safety and product quality
  • To guarantee this, there are quality systems
  • These can include overviews, process schedules, procedures, work instructions and registration forms
  • Together we describe and support your production process

Need help choosing and setting up a quality system? We are ready for you.

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