QC outsourcing

productielijn controleren

QC outsourcing

The use of expert staff at times when this is necessary is a cost-saving solution which allows the quality to go up. Do you need temporary support? Then the interim solutions from Normec Foodcare offer a good solution. We can offer you every type of employee, at every level and with work experience. Our interim QA project managers guarantee the continuity at your company.

QC outsourcing – a summary

  • We are committed to quality, flexibility and speed.
  • By continuously searching for quality improvement points, we act at the highest possible level.

QA Interim Specialists

The quality requirements in the food industry are becoming ever more extensive and laws, regulations and food safety standards are constantly changing. Due to the increasing pressure on quality and food safety issues, there is an increasing need for a helping hand from a quality manager who can be deployed immediately. We employ highly trained QA specialists, who can also act as a drafted-in coach for production. For example, he or she works eight hours a week on complex issues. In other cases, it is a kind of back-up when temporarily more capacity is needed.

Interim solution

In order to be able to execute process control in the food industry in the right way, continuity and expertise are required. We can temporarily support you with an interim specialist if there is a need for temporary support because of capacity expansion, long-term illness, a pregnancy or an unfilled vacancy.

Our specialists will help you with all Quality Control activities

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