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Due to the rapidly evolving foodstuffs market, it is important, as a company, to maintain an overview of the most recent developments. During planned Quality meetings we will ensure in a constructive fashion that your company can also follow these fast-track shifts in trends.

A wealth of knowledge and experience

By working together, a vast wealth of supplementary knowledge and experience is brought to your organisation. This provides your company the opportunity to grow further.

You can also rely on an external partner who is always there for you whenever you need them. As well as access to a sounding board where quality is concerned; you can always count on us. Normec Foodcare promises not only to invest in quality but also puts this into practice on a daily basis.

By holding regular Q-meetings, you will find that the entire team will work together more closely and more effectively.

Q-meetings in short

  • Quality meetings for keeping your knowledge up to date
  • We are there for you whenever you need us