Guiding certification

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Guiding certification

You want to be able to prove that you deliver quality. A certificate, quality mark or a combination of these is a great way to achieve this. We help you choose the certification that suits your company. Then we guide the implementation, certification and enforcement.

Does your company meet the specific requirements of a standard that you want to adhere to? Then your quality system can usually be certified or recognised by a certifying institution. During an audit, an assessment is made to see whether your company complies with the standard requirements not only in theory but also in practice. Normec Foodcare is here for you to prepare and guide this certification process.

Guidance from A to Z

Which certificate, quality mark or a combination of these should you choose for your company? That largely depends on the markets you serve at home or abroad and on your ambition as a company. We are happy to make a well-considered and correct assessment together with you.

Together with you, we take care of the implementation, certification and enforcement of the systems you choose. For example, we compile the quality manual, but we also pay a lot of attention to creating awareness and support among the people who work with the system. We always work on the structural improvement of your organisation and the associated processes. We ensure that the quality system that we compile and implement is appropriate for your company.

Guiding certification – a summary

  • Certification provides proof that your company delivers quality
  • We will help you choose a certificate or quality mark
  • In addition, we guide the implementation and enforcement
  • Creating awareness and support is key

Do you want to implement a certification or have us guide you? We are happy to help you!

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