Risk Inventory

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Risk Inventory

It is important to draw up a risk inventory in order to assess where in your organisation you may be at risk. Think of deliberate contamination or falsification in the form of food defence (TACCP) or food fraud (VACCP).

  • We are committed to a qualitative and personal approach.
  • With our knowledge we want to prevent food fraud within your company.


During a Threat analysis, the project manager will walk through your company with the eyes of a malicious employee, visitor or service provider to determine possible risk areas. The terrain and the access roads, existing safety measures and the production process are assessed, among other things. We look at what evil can do for someone, where in the process are there opportunities to do harm, and what is the chance of success? The level of knowledge in the field of the security of your employees is also checked by means of interviews.


In the Vulnerability analysis, the project manager will perform an assessment based on the total product chain (from farmer to board). The risk is determined on the basis of the assessment of how often something is possible and the probability of discovery. Factors included in the analysis include historical data, economic factors, origin, complexity of the chain, etc.

We help you determine all risks in and around your company

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