Mass balance

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Mass Balance

In recent years, there have been various scandals related to the use of alternative products, such as the use of horse meat instead of beef. Products with claims, such as organic, are also susceptible to forgery. Traceability is essential here.


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Quadratic equation

An important means to raise awareness of the above scandals is the implementation of a mass balance, also called quadratic equation. In the case of a mass balance, the incoming and outgoing flows are fully traced and assessed. Among other things, use will be made of recipes, raw material information, production data, delivery data, waste data, alternative flows, for example personnel sales, and so on. The incoming and outgoing stream must correspond to each other.

You can have this mass balance performed from your own production process. This, for example, in order to offer complete transparency to your customers. We can also carry out a mass balance with your suppliers, to make sure that you do receive the products in accordance with the agreed specification.

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