A product recall, an unsafe food product placed on the market, an extensive IT failure, a data breach of organisational or sensitive personal data, manipulation: a crisis can happen to any company. Do you know how to deal with this kind of incident? Our crisis managers are happy to support you during a crisis.

Crisis management in short

  • Make sure that any disruption to your customers, consumers and your own business is kept to a minimum
  • A crisis management system will help you get through an incident
  • Follow a training course on how to effectively use a crisis management system

A lot comes your way during and after a crisis situation: leadership and coordination, potential impact on your suppliers and/or customers, communication, research, HR etc. You have to manage all these aspects at the same time. It is important that you have a crisis management system in place in these kinds of situations in order to be able to deal with an incident and ensure that any damage to your customers, the consumer and your own company remains limited.

An important aspect within this crisis management system is, of course, communication, both internal and external. Furthermore, it is important to know what your obligations are in terms of legislation and quality standards so that you can make the appropriate decisions. Needless to say, we will look closely at the root cause analysis with you and ensure that recurrent product issues are prevented.

E is your reliable partner and first point of contact before, during and after any crisis.

Normec Foodcare organises training courses to cover this in more depth. During training you will become acquainted with the regulations and learn how to set up and implement an effective crisis management system. This type of program consists of training courses, information sessions and tests that raise crisis management awareness. Subsequently, the outcome will be a positive crisis management structure within your company.

We help you set up a crisis management system

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