Internal audit

Internal audit

An internal audit is often seen by organisations as an obligation because it is simply required by the standard. But did you know that an internal audit can actually bring benefits? You evaluate the effectiveness of processes with an internal audit. You can also identify problems and risks in time, before deviations or incidents arise. Our specialists are happy to help you with this.

An internal audit is an investigation within an organisation into the proper and reliable functioning of the organisation. An audit allows you to test whether the quality management system meets the requirements of, for example, your customers and the laws and regulations. Would you also like to improve the quality of business processes? Then call in our specialists. They will provide new insights and opportunities for improvements.

Risks clearly visible

It is advisable to have an independent person regularly check the functioning of your company’s quality management system. Outsourcing an internal audit leads to new ideas. This way you have a clear and quick overview of any risks. Our specialists are happy to help you with various internal audits, such as:

  • We audit the entire system or just part of it
  • We carry out the audit against a food safety standard or against our own quality system
  • We perform both announced and unannounced audits
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Have the internal audit supervised/carried out by our specialists


Attention to weak process links

In addition to new insights and possible improvements, you will also acquire a lot of knowledge with our help. Our auditors have extensive experience with various standards such as HACCP, BRC, FSSC 22000 and IFS. They are aware of the latest requirements of standards that (international) buyers demand from you. We also have in-house auditors who have followed a Lead Assessor Course.

Our auditors are completely objective during audits. The big advantage is that they quickly notice any weaker process links. They also map out possible risks and dangers. We draw up opportunities for improvement based on our evaluation. In this way we help to raise the quality within your organisation to a higher level.

Remote audits

A remote audit is an audit that we carry out remotely, without the content of the audit deviating from an audit on location. In this way, no costly travel time is needed. If an on-site audit turns out not to be feasible, a remote audit can still take place quickly.

The audit is carried out via a digital environment and with the help of the correct audiovisual means. It is up to the auditor to see as much “online” as possible in order to assess the management system objectively and properly. Remote audits are a valid means of conducting internal audits. For example, ISO 19011 (performing audits) describes requirements for performing remote audits.

Unannounced audits

Unannounced auditing has increased in recent years. Without notifying you in advance, an inspector will come to you to check whether you meet all the requirements. By means of an unannounced internal audit you can prepare yourself well for an external unannounced audit. We make agreements with you in advance about performing the audit. For example, it can be indicated in which period the audit will be carried out and what the number of hours to be spent will be.

Reliable assistance in carrying out internal audits

Need help with this? Our experienced advisors ensure the correct execution of the internal audits. If you would like more information about internal audits, we would be happy to discuss the options without obligation. Please feel free to contact us.

Reliable help in carrying out internal audits

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