Private Label Service

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Private Label Service

For you as the owner or producer of a private label, the process around specification management and labels can sometimes be difficult. It is often too complex and time consuming to fit it in to your work activities. Just think of the entire administration process, for example. Would you be able to use our help and knowledge for this? Our labelling specialists are happy to advise you on this.

Private Label Service in short

  • Especially for owners and producers of private labels
  • Help with specification management and labelling
  • You meet the legal requirements and the requirements of the retailers
  • It is even possible to build your own specification system

The efforts of our specialists will save you a lot of time. You will have more capacity, knowledge and experience to meet the requirements and tight deadlines of your customers. After all, time and knowledge is needed to correctly enter and maintain the information in the systems. We are happy to help you with that.

Meeting retailer requirements

Retailers use different systems to manage their specifications. Each system works in a different way and each retailer has different requirements. For example, do you produce more products under one private label? Then it is quite a job to deliver all information to the customer on time. In addition, retailers often have – in addition to the legal requirements – their own requirements that the label must meet.

Experts in specification management

Our specialists have extensive experience in specification management and labeling of private labels and private labels. We can carry out the private label service at your location as well as remotely. We are happy to help you with:

  • Completing customer-specific specification systems such as SIM, Trace One, PS in Foodservice and GS1
  • Customising and checking label texts
  • Providing marketability reports required by the retailer
  • Building your own specification system with Normec CareNet Online QA Software. This makes information available more quickly and more easily transferable to customer-specific systems.

Software solutions

Automate product specifications? No problem!

We can also help you with the automation of product specifications. Thanks to our software you can easily manage and update your product specifications online. Input raw material and recipe data are automatically converted into end product specifications and ingredient declarations.

Of course according to the most recent legislation. Do you have adjustments in raw materials or recipes? These are then immediately implemented in all final product specifications. This makes your specification management a lot easier and saves you a lot of time.

Easy to link up

Our approach offers you many advantages. Nutritional values ​​of end products are automatically calculated on the basis of the raw materials and recipes entered. Thanks to the allergen matrix you always have an up-to-date overview of the allergens present in the end product. These overviews can be linked to other information systems, such as PS in food service. This saves a lot of time.

Our specialists can also draw up the specifications in various other systems, such as Eclarion, Navision, CSB, PeQAsus, Bestmix and Reflex.

Reliable help for your private label

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