Anticipating El Niño with Normec: innovation and knowledge


Anticipating El Niño with Normec: innovation and knowledge

The increasing frequency of El Niño storms is leading to reports of shortages of blueberries, mangoes and other AGF imports, creating significant challenges in the AGF sector. Anticipating climate change and sharing knowledge is essential to manage and minimise the impact.

Proactively responding to climate change

The effects of El Niño are significant: product quality drops, supply becomes scarcer and prices rise. Karin Gorree, Director of Quality and Business Development at Normec Innovative Fresh, supports customers, including supermarkets, on a daily basis to maintain the quality of their products on the shelves. “We measure the impact of the impact on quality and any adjustment of specifications on consumer perception. For example, berries this winter will be smaller and less crunchy than previous years. We also support choices about suppliers and origins. Our team monitors different origins, suppliers and varieties for quality, appearance, taste and shelf life and provides data that can be used to proactively respond to climate changes and promote risk spreading.”

Risk spreading in the dynamic AGF world

Emiel Maas, Director of Normec Maas Goodacre and specialising in product testing, secondment of inspectors and cargo surveys, among others, emphasises the importance of continuous anticipation and risk spreading in the dynamic AGF world. “Normec Foordcare distinguishes itself by offering continuity in a demanding market. Optimising container work and tapping new markets are essential. The diversity of services and maintaining old-fashioned craftsmanship make Normec a strong partner, with seamless cooperation between the various entities and benefiting from innovations such as QC One. Being stronger with retailers comes from continued development and collaboration.”

Keeping a grip on stock with QC software

Normec Foodcare’s anticipation power for climate change lies in the various entities where knowledge and innovation are bundled. Director Stefan Droogendijk of Normec QC One highlights the active approach to keep a grip on stock and focuses on optimal results thanks to our quality control software. “Various modules offer control over quality, support better price agreements and assure consumers of good value for money. Normec Foodcare is ready by continuing to innovate and strive for alternatives and improved quality control.”

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Knowledge partner in food safety, product quality and taste
A consistent quality of blueberries

A consistent quality of blueberries

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