Self-monitoring System

voedselveiligheid controleren

Self-monitoring System

Normec Foodcare’s self-monitoring system is a system in which two inspections are carried out every year by Normec Foodcare inspectors. This system has gained confidence from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). In addition to clear insight into the performance and control of food safety, participation can also result in different levels of supervision by the NVWA.

Self-monitoring System – a summary

  • Be eligible for adapted supervision by the NVWA
  • Two unannounced inspections at your company every year
  • Show that you are distinctive in the field of food safety and quality

Reliable food safety and quality control

To gain a clear understanding of the operation and reliability of quality control and food safety within an organisation, organisations can participate in the Normec Foodcare self-monitoring system. Normec Foodcare provides two independent, unannounced food safety inspections at participating companies each year, in which all elements are assessed in accordance with the current hygiene code.

Participation in the self-monitoring system shows your employees and customers that your organisation wants to distinguish itself in terms of quality and food safety. Participants in the self-monitoring system, such as butchers, bakeries, healthcare institutions, catering establishments and retailers, can participate either individually or as a formula company.

Blank start

Upon registration for the self-monitoring system, an initial unannounced inspection is carried out. This is a complete inspection, everything is checked, including sampling. During the assessment of these inspections, the result of previous inspections is not taken into account. When a score of eighty percent or higher is achieved, an unannounced follow-up inspection will be carried out within six months.

When a score of eighty percent or higher is achieved on two occasions subsequently during the inspections, the company achieves green status. The company can therefore qualify for adjusted supervision by the NVWA. The adjusted supervision remains in effect as long as the company maintains the green status. The green status remains valid for a maximum of one year and must be re-established every year. Adapted supervision of the NVWA means that the NVWA in its supervision takes into account companies that perform at a good level.

Three requirements

The self-monitoring system only works on the basis of official and existing hygiene codes. There are three requirements to be able to participate in the self-monitoring system:

  • The company does not have EC recognition
  • It is intended for artisan companies, these companies deliver directly to the consumer or end user
  • The company operates entirely according to approved hygiene codes and does not have its own HACCP plan or supplement


The self-monitoring system is a collaboration between the various Business Units of Normec Foodcare. CareNet Online provides the software with which inspections can be performed and analysed. Both Quality Assurance, and Foodlab, provide inspectors. In addition, Foodlab provides microbiological examinations.