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Online portal

Online portal

Do you want to prevent claims and recalls, while at the same time combating food waste? Register, analyze and distribute quality information of fresh products throughout the entire supply chain with QC Software. The central part of the software is the online portal. With this we help you further in your pursuit of optimal food safety.

Via the cloud-based, multilingual online platform you can share reports automatically and digitally. You can use the online portal to translate product specifications and other standards into inspection templates, in order to tailor them perfectly to the process and information needs of the stakeholders. In short: everything you need to communicate well and efficiently.

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The components of the online portal

Reports inbox
User-level reports are aggregated within one central inbox. Completely automatically or after an authorization moment, reports or photos are immediately sent digitally by the chain.

Unique users
Within our information ecosystem, each user is unique and can be linked to different report-generating organizations. In this way, a user receives several reports within one inbox. Or the user can perform inspections under different licensing environments, without switching between accounts/logins.

Inspection uploader
In addition to API links and ad-hoc creation of inspections on the tablet, you can also create inspections (work orders) via the inspection uploader. This can be done by drag & drop from Excel spreadsheet packing lists or upload multiple inspections from one file. You can create hundreds of inspections within seconds. The uploader recognizes synonyms, languages ​​and different file formats.

Stakeholder management
Easily add users and other stakeholders to the platform. You can add vendor and customer users to counteract email distribution lists. This makes it possible to automatically send business-critical quality information.

User roles & groups
The platform identifies different roles and even groups. For example, a role can be assigned to an individual user, or several users can be added within a group, such as inspector groups.

File manager & logs
Bring all information together in one place and keep track of who received what information in the logs. Recorders, packing lists, notes and other documents can be added to report files, in order to centrally store and share all information.

Inspection templates
Develop inspection templates specific to the different products, inspection points/types and product specifications. This makes it possible to quickly record inspection procedures within the company or to share them with stakeholders at other points in the chain.

Parameter manager
Record the mainly retail product specifications within the portal and interweave them digitally within the app for the inspector. In addition to fine-tuning terminology, parameter sets and flaws, the feature also provides the ability to add media such as photos and color maps.

Objective testing
More extensive than a simple average calculation, you can develop inspection templates with the help of our consultants to facilitate objective inspections. By adding weighted points to specific parameters and defects, possibly combined with risk profiles, you can automatically determine quality scores and statuses.

Increase the level of security through Single Sign On or Multi Factor Authentication. Our software is also prepared to add tenants.

Automated notifications
All stakeholders are immediately informed of new reports after approval or upon automatic publication. Suppliers, customers and colleagues stay up-to-date in real time via e-mails and push notifications.

In addition to the user preferences for metric or imperial, the software can also be set language-specifically. Thus, a total of 10 languages ​​are supported.

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