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Quality Programme

A quality programme can help you determine whether the level of your product is good throughout the year. As part of the quality programme, a product is tested several times a year by Normec Foodcare.

  • We are committed to a first-class and qualitative approach.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to carry out the research.

Position in the market

By means of a quality programme, the position of your product in the market can be maintained or improved. Questions that accompany a quality programme include: how does my product score over time? Will the consumer assessment remain stable? How does the competitor develop? In the quality programme, we look at your product together to find out which research is most suitable in order to answer your questions.

Quality and reliability

Quality programmes can consist of monadic research and/or comparative research. Monadic research (one product) is often chosen when there is no direct competitor and maintaining a stable consumer assessment is the goal. If there are direct competitors, a fixed programme of comparative tests is usually held. Furthermore, we will choose a suitable sample in consultation with you. It is also possible to select a specific target group yourself. So you decide what the quality research looks like. We carry it out for you and ensure the quality and reliability of the research.

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