Microorganisms: Feed

Do you, as a manufacturer, want to sell feed (e.g. pet food)? Then you need to meet specific quality standards. Even if you intend to export to countries outside of Belgium, you must also comply with the stipulated quality standards. The same applies to raw materials, which must also meet certain set standards. You can arrange for the raw materials to be inspected for undesirable substances. End products are checked to see whether they have any particular nutritional values and whether they comply with bacteriological criteria. We are more than happy to help you with this.

Frequently requested analyses:

  • Bacteriological parameters (Salmonella, total bacterial count, Enterobacteriaceae …)
  • Nutritional analysis /Weende analysis (moisture/dry matter, crude ash, crude fat, crude protein, crude fibre)
  • Additives (vitamins, minerals, trace elements …)
  • GTH (glycerol triheptanoate): is a marker for Category 1 and Category 2 animal by-products
  • Oxidation parameters: Peroxide value, free fatty acid content, hexanal, anisidine value …

Taking samples

In addition to the analysis, sample-taking will also have to be carried out by an approved/accredited laboratory. We are also able to assist you in this. For example, we take samples in accordance with Regulation (EC) Nr. 152/2009 of the Commission of 27 January 2009 which stipulates the sampling and analysis methods for the official control of feed.

Microorganisms: Feed in short

  • Compliance with statutory regulations
  • A variety of analyses
  • Samples taken pursuant to Regulation (EC) Nr. 152/2009

We help you to comply with the legal obligation by performing microbiological analyzes


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Reliable assistance in carrying out microbiological analyses

Do you need help with microbiological analyses? Our specialists are happy to assist you further. Please contact us for more information.

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Accredited laboratory

All microbiological analyses need to be carried out in a reliable manner. That is why we are ISO17025 accredited (080-TEst BELAC). We also have several other endorsements.

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