Microbiological Analysis

In order to guarantee food safety, as a food company you must continuously perform microbiological analysis on the products produced. This must be done before the products go to the consumer in order to protect the consumer.

Legally required

Microbiological research on food is required by law. Food law EU 178/2002 obliges every food company to only place safe food on the market because it should not make consumers ill.

Microbiological criteria

There are also various microbiological criteria for foodstuffs laid down in the legislation. Based on these, you as a food company can determine which micro-organisms are applicable to the products. And which ones you should investigate. You can also use the criteria to determine which standards/limits apply. This is used to assess whether the result found complies with the legislation and is safe for the consumer.

Microbiological Analysis in short

  • Guarantee food safety
  • Comply with the legal requirement
  • We perform microbiological analyses for you in general indicators, pathogens and water investigation

We help you to comply with the legal obligation by performing microbiological analyzes


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A selection of our investigations

Below you will find a selection of the micro-organisms for which we can perform a microbiological analysis.

General indicators Pathogens Water investigation »
(An)aerobic colony count Listeria monocytogenes E. coli
Enterobacteriaceae Listeria spp Coliforms
Coagulase positive staphylococcus Salmonella spp Colony count at 22˚C/36˚C
Coliforms E. coli & STEC  Enterococci
Streptococci Bacillus cereus
Yeasts & Fungi  Campylobacter
Lactobacilli Clostridium perfringens
Lactic acid bacteria Sulfite reducing Clostridia


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