GAP Analysis quality system

Do you want insight into the present-day identity, the intended identity and the image of your organisation and services? We can help you with this by carrying out a GAP analysis for you. We use a GAP analysis to make a comparison between an existing and a favoured situation.

A GAP analysis is a useful starting point for many organisations. It is carried out in order to ascertain what still needs to be done to meet a certain standard and/or requirement.

Current situation vs envisioned target

During a GAP Analysis, our experts look at where you currently stand as a company and/or quality service and where you ultimately want to go. The current situation is weighed up against the envisioned target. Ideal when it comes to knowing what you still have to do during an implementation or optimisation process. This may revolve around a specific standard, for example. Consider the GFSI standards that are regularly subject to amendments. But also, for example, customer requirements, digitalisation processes, etc.

Organised plan of action

During this audit, we set out an organised plan of action. This is how we provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses and describe how you can optimise existing processes. Our specialists have the prerequisite expertise and are up to date with the latest standards and requirements. This ensures that you will always be in compliance with the latest legislation.

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GAP Analysis quality system in short

  • Insight into the existing situation vs. the favoured situation 
  • Compliance with the latest legislation 
  • You will receive an organised plan of action 

We help you gain insight between an existing and desired situation


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