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Outsourcing QA

Outsourcing services is a strategic but often difficult choice; is the quality guaranteed, what does it cost and what does it give me? If you choose to outsource your quality department to Normec Foodcare, not only continuity, but also knowledge and skills are guaranteed.

  • We are committed to a practical, personal and qualitative approach.
  • We start off with an inspiring, pro-active and facilitative attitude.

Part-time secondment

Through part-time secondment, we provide you with a professional from a secondary, higher or academic level who is familiar with your sector and who is always aware of the laws and regulations. Part-time secondment means that you purchase the labour, knowledge and skills of an employee for a certain number of hours per period. This will increase the capacity (temporarily) so that you can even save a full-time employee. The number of hours is determined by means of a business analysis and is adjusted annually.


Finding the right person often proves difficult. If you deploy Normec Foodcare, we will take away these concerns for you. You are assured of the right person in the right place and we guarantee that your quality management is carried out at the highest level. First a business analysis is carried out, on the basis of which the required hours are determined. Then a matching specialist is selected. The specialist carries out his work with our well-thought-out methodologies. An update is made annually. The required number of hours is adjusted accordingly.


You can also choose to automate your quality system. There are various possibilities. You can, for example, choose to digitise the quality manual. Adjustments are implemented directly everywhere and through automatic version management, every employee works with the latest version. It is also possible to plan, execute and monitor inspections digitally in an easy and efficient way using a tablet. Action points are immediately available online and can be assigned directly to employees. By automating the quality system, you save time.

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