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Being certified or recognised by a Certifying Institution is possible when a company meets specific requirements of a standard. During an audit, an assessment is made whether an organisation can meet the standard requirements not only in theory (manual) but also in practice and thus obtain certification.

  • We are committed to a personal, practical and flexible approach.
  • Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge and experience, we can help you on your way to the certification of your company.


The choice for a certificate, quality mark or a combination of these depends on which markets you serve at home or abroad, what your company’s ambition is and what the requirements of external parties are. Together with you, we make a well-considered assessment as to which certification is appropriate. In collaboration with your employees we take care of the implementation of the relevant system, we support the certification audit and we ensure the maintenance of your desired quality systems. Most attention is paid to creating awareness and support among employees who work with the quality system. This involves the structural improvement of your organisation and the associated processes.

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