Witness audits

Each quality mark has its own rules and requirements to comply with. Do you want to have certainty about the correct assessment of the standard during audits or inspections? Let our specialists perform a witness audit. In this way we help you to clarify the differences in interpretation of the standard and to identify areas for improvement for the certification body or inspection body.

Witness audits provide insight into whether a certification body or other inspection body is able to audit the applicable standard and associated requirements and conditions. Witness audits also provide insight into the extent to which auditors or inspectors of the institution or body concerned are competent with regard to the relevant standard. By performing a witness audit, we evaluate whether the processes and procedures of the certification body are effective and whether they adequately train their auditors and inspectors. In addition, our witness audits independently observe whether an auditor or inspector carries out an audit or inspection according to the standards and the associated requirements and conditions.

Points for improvement

Through a witness audit, the standard owner gains insight into the extent to which the objective of the standard is achieved via the certifying body or inspection body. The gaps in the audit system or application of the standard are made transparent. With the points for improvement from the witness audit, the standard owner can get started to improve the audit approach around the standard. Where necessary, the standard owner can discuss an improvement plan with the certification body or inspection body. We can assess the implementation of the improvement plan for you as part of a follow-up witness audit.

Our witness audits provide insight into how auditors or inspectors from various authorities apply and interpret the standard and the associated requirements and conditions when performing the audits or inspections. The certifying body or inspection body can use these findings to train and instruct auditors and inspectors. For the standard owner, these findings reveal the differences in implementation between several certification bodies or inspection bodies.

Witness audits – a summary

  • Get clarity about differences in interpretation of standards
  • We perform an independent audit for you

We help you to provide insight into the differences in interpretation of the standard


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