Specification Management

As a producer of food products, there are all kinds of legislation that you have to take into account. For example in the field of specification management. Normec Foodcare is your specialist in this field. We are happy to help you record your product specifications in the correct way.

You know that you are not allowed to trade your products without the correct food information. But how do you draw up those product specifications, with your raw materials and the recipe as a starting point? We can help you with that. Whatever your customers want, we make sure that your specification management is correct. So that you can focus on your real work, where your passion lies.

Provide all the desired information

In specification management you have to deal with the law and your customers. The specifications must at least comply with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, but your customers are also increasingly asking you to provide more information. Retailers, caterers and wholesalers prefer to receive these specifications in their own information systems. How do you do that, if every customer has their own requirements and asks for different information? You call in our specialists. Specification management is their business. That saves you a lot of time and studying, while your company quickly meets all requirements.

Specification Management – a summary

  • Demonstrable compliance with the European Regulation
  • Providing your customers with the correct product specifications
  • Delivery of specifications in various information systems
  • Automating product specifications

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Software solution

Automate product specifications? No problem!

We can also help you with the automation of product specifications. Thanks to our software you can easily manage and update your product specifications online. Input raw material and recipe data are automatically converted into end product specifications and ingredient declarations.

Of course according to the most recent legislation. Do you have adjustments in raw materials or recipes? These are then immediately implemented in all final product specifications. This makes your specification management a lot easier and saves you a lot of time.

Easy to link up

Our approach offers you many advantages. Nutritional values ​​of end products are automatically calculated on the basis of the raw materials and recipes entered. Thanks to the allergen matrix you always have an up-to-date overview of the allergens present in the end product. These overviews can be linked to other information systems, such as PS in food service. This saves a lot of time.

Our specialists can also draw up the specifications in various other systems, such as Eclarion, Navision, CSB, PeQAsus, Bestmix and Reflex.

Support in specification management

Our specialists are happy to support you in this. They are aware of the latest legislation and have experience in a variety of industries. Our specialist can perform various activities with regard to labeling, legislation and specification management both on location and remotely.

Work activities

  • Checking labels for applicable legislation
  • Drafting of final product specifications and labels
  • Dealing with legislative issues
  • Maintaining and managing specifications and recipes
  • Completing customer-specific specification systems such as SIM, Trace One, GS1 and PS in Foodservice
  • Completing questionnaires for business-to-business customers

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