Quality Inspectors

As you know, the fruit and vegetable department is important within retail; the showpiece. This is often the most eye-catching and the first department that the consumer sees. It makes sense that first impressions count here. It should always look good. The right quality and an exciting presentation make the difference and stimulate sales.

Whether it concerns temporary capacity, learning on the shop floor or support in formulating customer specifications, our Fruit & Vegetable Inspectors can be deployed in various ways, such as in:

  • Growing companies
  • Distribution centres
  • Supplier locations
  • Auctions
  • Shop branches

Secondment of fruit and vegetable inspectors – a summary

  • Our inspectors inspect fruit and vegetable products at suppliers and distribution centres
  • This way you can always substantiate how good the quality of the products is
  • Rely on experienced inspectors with years of experience

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