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Packaging Research

Packaging research answers questions such as: is my packaging attractive enough? Does the packaging tell the right story? Does the packaging appeal to the right target group? After packaging research, you can adjust your packaging where necessary and tailor it more to the wishes of your target group.

  • We are committed to a flexible, first-class and qualitative approach.
  • Our studies are carried out by experienced people and are therefore of a high level.

Consumer’s view in the picture

Whether it is a change to existing packaging, a new packaging design or a completely new form of packaging: a packaging study by Normec Foodcare can help you with this. Through packaging research, you discover how the consumer thinks about the packaging. There are several possibilities for this research. With online packaging research, the design of packaging is assessed. If it is important for a respondent to assess the physical packaging, this can be done with a packaging study on location. The advantage of this set-up is that one can, among other things, grab the packaging, use it and get a correct picture of the size of a package.

Finally, there is also the possibility to have a package assessed by means of in-home research. The packaging is used for several days in the home situation and a practice-based assessment is obtained. With the results, you can work effectively to improve your packaging. This increases your chances of a successful product.

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