MQFI and Goodacre will continue their business as Normec Maas Goodacre

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In 2021 Maas Fruit Quality Inspection (MFQI) and Goodacre became part of Normec Foodcare. As of 1 January 2023, both organisations will continue under the new name Normec Maas Goodacre. In the world of fresh fruit and vegetables, this will constitute one of the largest companies in the area of fresh produce inspections. Its team currently consists of 45 highly motivated employees.

Get to know Normec Maas Goodacre

Specialists at Normec Maas Goodacre assess the quality of all fresh fruit and vegetables products and provide applicable advice. Normec Maas Goodacre also provides claims handling, second opinion and the secondment of inspectors in times of peak demand and understaffing. Accredited fresh produce studies and training courses are also offered in close cooperation with Normec Training & Education. This comprehensive service package establishes Normec Maas Goodacre as the top independent partner, and we provide solutions in the areas of:

  1. Quality inspection
  2. Training
  3. Secondment
  4. Advice and second opinion
  5. Cargo Surveys and Claims
  6. Advice and research storage conditions

Global support for all types of fruit and vegetables

Operating from the Rotterdam area, Normec Maas Goodacre provides services in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Inspection results are recorded digitally and reported in QC-one. Customers receive their reports the same day.

Support throughout the entire chain

It is Normec Foodcare’s mission to ensure good and safe food for everyone to enjoy. In this chain each link is relevant and comes with its own challenges. The takeovers of MFQI and Goodacre are in line with the ambition of Normec Foodcare to further improve its contribution to quality throughout the chain as a total supplier and specialist.

Added value in fresh produce, agro, feed and food

Normec Foodcare: leader in this whole chain and knowledge partner in food safety, product quality and taste. In combining our expertise, we help and assist with various issues and solutions in the areas of quality and food safety, laboratory research, taste tests, product testing, QA automation, flexible deployment of quality managers and inspectors, education and training, risk management and label compliance.

Emiel Maas

Whatever issue you have in the field of fresh produce quality, Normec Maas Goodacre specialists are at your service. Together we look at which solution or support best suits your company.

Contact our Directeur Normec Maas Goodacre Emiel Maas.


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Emiel Maas

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Contact our Directeur Normec Maas Goodacre Emiel Maas

Emiel Maas