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Chemical and microbiological determinations for Hoogvliet

18-05-2020 | Average reading time:3 min
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The supermarket chain Hoogvliet has all its chemical and microbiological determinations carried out by Normec Foodlab. “Normec Foodlab has a lot of knowledge and I can call on them day and night”, says quality manager Bryan van Splunter. “I never have to wait for them.”

Normec Foodlab forms part of Normec Foodcare. Van Splunter says that he has had a good relationship with Normec Foodcare (formerly Care for Food Group) for years. “We sometimes follow training courses at their subsidiary Normec Training & Education. Normec Label & Specifications has assisted us in setting up the right specifications during the start-up and we always call in Normec Quality Assurance for internal audits. I am very satisfied with the quality Normec Foodcare delivers.

For me it was therefore logical to work together with their laboratory Foodlab.” For Hoogvliet, Foodlab carries out analyses for the central butcher’s shop of the supermarket chain. “It’s nice that Foodlab works with short lines,” says Van Splunter. “If I have a question, I will immediately be connected with the expert who can tell me all about it. In addition, they generate good reports that I can view. That way I always have the right information.”

Quick response

The butcher’s shop is now working on a renewal of the implementation of the new info sheet 85 to prevent the outgrowth of Listeria. “Normec Quality Assurance has supported us in adjusting the procedures. This way we can guarantee at all times that we deliver a food-safe product “, says Van Splunter. “In addition, we wanted to adapt the recipes in order to guarantee the highest quality to our customers. Normec Foodlab has calculated together with us what the growth possibilities of Listeria are for the different recipes. They also managed to respond quickly. I did not have to wait for them for a moment. The process is not yet complete, but we can probably guarantee the same shelf life with the new recipes. For some products, there is even an extra day. That is a nice result.”

Good foundation

“Normec Foodlab also provided a good foundation in respect of the NVWA”, says Van Splunter. “During a check, we can show that we have taken all possible measures to prevent growth. As a result, there can never be any form of discussion.” Van Splunter would recommend that colleagues work with Normec Foodlab because of the specific knowledge they possess. “They always deal with me directly and have the correct information. It’s nice to work with a laboratory in this way.”

Author: Wouter Commercial Manager

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