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Van Dijk Banket saves time for other improvement projects

Van Dijk Banket regularly receives many product requests. The company compiles new recipes within a few days and supplies the customers with test specimens with the corresponding specifications. The specifications are compiled by Normec Label & Specifiactions. “Normec Label & Specifications works very quickly, so we can also respond quickly”, says QA manager Tineke Bergsma.


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Van Dijk Banket is a producer of private label cakes, cookies and chocolates. “We think it’s important to be flexible”, says QA manager Tineke Bergsma. “We receive a lot of requests for new products. This is not a constant flow of requests. There are peaks and troughs. We strive to handle these requests within a few days. This requires a lot from our department. We compile the recipes, produce test samples and provide the corresponding specifications. ”

Normec CareNet Online

Rianne Bil, Labelling specialist at Normec Label & Specifications, says that it is an advantage when manufacturers work with Normec CareNet Online QA Software. “The software automatically compiles a large part of the specifications, taking into account the protocols of the retailers. In addition, Normec CareNet connects to most retail systems, which means that the specifications can be transferred with one click. Because of this, we need to do less manually. Nevertheless, it is not a problem if manufacturers work with other systems. We know almost all specification and customer information systems, including SIM, Trace One, PSinfood.”


The specialists at Normec Label & Specifications are also well informed about the labelling legislation. Bil: “Our specialists are trained according to the latest legislation and regulations. And we are constantly aware of all the changes.” Bergsma says she is also well-informed. “Still, it is nice that I now have a sparring partner. That means I do not have to reinvent the wheel.”


Bergsma says that it is especially important for her that Normec Label & Specifications takes over some of her work load. “It sometimes saves me 20 hours of work per week. Occasionally issues change, and I want the labelling specialists to adjust some of their working methods. I only have to indicate this once. Rianne immediately instructs her entire team and adjusts the work instructions. So I can really trust that the whole team is working in the right way. That means I have more time left for other quality and improvement projects.”


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