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Because of our extensive experience with projects in different sectors, sizes of organisations and corporate cultures, we possess a wealth of experience and insight. At Normec Foodcare, you are always assured of a total solution. We ensure that you meet these requirements, exactly at the desired level. We take care of complete projects for you, regardless of the requirements that are placed on the quality or food safety of your product or process.

50% time saving for Aviko B.V. thanks to Normec CareNet Online Inspections boxarrow-up

Aviko B.V.

“Running the audit with an iPad with integrated camera and an inspection list on the screen facilitates an efficient execution of inspections and audits.

55% time saving thanks to E-learning for Group of Butchers boxarrow-up

Group of Butchers

The training courses are constantly being developed and are regularly updated.

Chemical and microbiological determinations for Hoogvliet boxarrow-up


Normec Foodlab has calculated together with us what the growth possibilities of Listeria are for the different recipes.

Good refresher on food safety for Peijnenburg boxarrow-up


Peijnenburg had the training arranged by Normec Training & Education. “Everyone enjoyed taking part in the training course”

Jumbo: ‘Normec Sensory understands our business’ boxarrow-up


“Normec Sensory understands the business we are in”, says Johan Hulleman, quality manager at Jumbo. “They are fast, flexible and they think along with us.”

Short, flexible and decisive process at De Wijndragers boxarrow-up

De Wijndragers

“Normec Quality Assurance is a source of information for us at times when we are not sure.”

Maza opts for training courses from Normec Training & Education boxarrow-up


“That way they are well prepared, and we know in advance what they have to offer”, says QA manager Martin de Winter.

Time saving of 60 to 80% for Special Refining Company B.V. boxarrow-up

Special Refining Company

“In addition to being able to find documents very quickly during audits, changes and modifications in versions of documents are automatically recorded, so that the chance of mistakes is zero.

Van Dijk Banket saves time for other improvement projects boxarrow-up

Van Dijk Banket

“Normec Label & Specifications works very quickly, so we can also respond quickly”, says QA manager Tineke Bergsma.

Zwanenberg streamlines employee training with Normec CareNet Online boxarrow-up


“It is good for us that we have a good overview of the employees who are allowed to carry out the work in question. We now see at a glance which employees have been trained for this.

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